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Improving Lives, One Child at a Time

I am excited to help the very young and those with special needs in our community, delivering dental care in a manner that helps them realize their own potential. Oftentimes, kids underestimate their own abilities and oftentimes adults underestimate a child’s potential and inner resources to accomplish dental work that might seem daunting to many.

When we’re done, a sense of accomplishment and pride is instilled in each child, through their hard work and development of their abilities. This brings them satisfaction, happiness, and excitement. How we accomplish dental care as a team – doctor, patient, parent, assistant – is very fulfilling.

I love working closely with each patient. I love making a difference by helping them improve their oral health, taking them out of discomfort, and showing them their full potential to participate in their care. I especially love to see the smiles on patients’ faces when they give me a “thumbs up” during a procedure and am very appreciative of their approval.  Dr. Laszlo Ledenyi

The Clayton Pediatric Dentistry Team

Each of Dr. Ledenyi’s team members is kind, caring, compassionate, and loves what they do. They involve parents at every step of treatment, helping them understand how they can best improve their child’s dental health. The team interacts with each patient on an age-appropriate level, with respect, kindness, and courtesy.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1984
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1991
  • Post-doctoral Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program, Eastman Dental Center at the University of Rochester, 1993

Dr. Ledenyi believes it’s important to stay current on the evolving research, treatment philosophies, practices, and standards in pediatric dentistry. As technology and science improve, so does the practitioner’s ability to deliver advanced care to improve a patient’s oral health and wellbeing.

Each year, Dr. Ledenyi attends many conferences, lectures, and seminars. He also participates in study clubs and stays current through peer-reviewed journals and other publications.

Professional Memberships

  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Special Care Dentistry Association
  • North Carolina Dental Society
  • Raleigh-Wake County Dental Society
  • Eco-Dentistry Association

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Ledenyi was born in Budapest, Hungary. When he was 12, he and his family left the country while it was under Communist rule. They made it to refugee camps in Europe and eventually to New York City.

He now lives north of Archer Lodge, in Johnston County, on an organic family farm with his wife, who is the love of Dr. Ledenyi’s life and the practice administrator.

Dr. Ledenyi and his wife have two children that are now forging their own paths as young adults. The family’s organic farm residents include two rescued cats, a dog named Lulu, and chickens, resucued ponies and horses. The family has a beautiful orchard, filled with apple, pear, peach, fig, citrus, and cherries trees that they planted. They also grow delicious asparagus and look forward to it every spring.

When he’s not working, you’ll likely find Dr. Ledenyi on the farm: tinkering, repairing, maintaining fences, and caring for creatures. He can also be found in the garden: tidying, planting, weeding, and tending to the vegetables and herbs. The family is particularly drawn to heirloom plant varieties.

Most of all, Dr. Ledenyi loves time with his wife and their children.  Aside from quieter things, he also enjoys skiing and windsurfing.

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