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*** If your child has dental pain, swelling, an infection or dental trauma call our office for assistance. If we are closed, page Dr. Ledenyi at 800.348.9733. ***

We are here workjng to take care of children's dental needs... but with less appointments as we do our best to keep everyone physically distant from each other.  You will notice new ways of doing things, some not always convenient, smooth or comfortable as we face issues that come up in our day.  Know that there may be delays. Question, concern? Call!

We care about our community and will do our part to minimize the likelihood of transmission and help our community recover as quickly as we can.

This is what you will experience:

  • Only one family in the waiting room - in any area - at a time. 
  • We will work to keep people separated, even if it means having to make sure the coast is clear before you enter the building, bring you back to a restroom, down the hall or into an operatory.  Accidents, unintended potential exposures *may* occur so if you, your child is at high risk for COVID-19 complications, let us know so we can work with you.
  • Safety first
    • Bring only the child who has the appointment.  Siblings need to stay home.
    • To minimize exposures to patients and our team, we reduce the number of people and the length of time in the appointment. Many of the children we see - and the grown ups that come with them - have health complications, may not have immunizations or a strong immune system.   Some of you will remember that Dr. Ledenyi is a stage 4 oral cancer survivor and as such, at high risk for complications should he get COVID-19.
    • If two or more children have an appointment, bring an adult who can wait with them in the car unless you feel they can do so on their own.
    • Only the legal parent/guardian and child with the appointment should come to appointments .... EXCEPT
      • if your child is a new patient.  We strongly encourage both parents/legal guardians to come to our new patient appointments so all can share their concerns, develop a plan that is agreed upon.
      • if two people are needed for emotional or behavioral support.  We get it.
      • if there is an emergency/urgent dental need where care for siblings could not be arranged, we will work with you.
      • If you need help with figuring this out, want to discuss it, please call so we can work together on it. 
  • Different procedures carry different risks.  This is why one thing may be ok in one procedure but not others.  Sealants, restorative procedures produce aerosols (greater risk!) requiring even higher levels of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and have procedural limitations different than most dental hygiene visits.
  • Finances: You will see a new code and charge for PPE and enhanced infection control on your bill.  Depending on your insurance, the cost may be passed on to you. Prices continue to go up and we have much more to do as we make your child's dental visit as safe as we can.
  • We ask that if you have been in contact with a COVID 19+ person, visited/went to events without masks, call and talk to us before your child's appointment.  We *may need to reschedule for sometime after 10 days have passed since then.
  • Please be reassured that we will do what we can to make sure your child gets what they need while minimizing risks.
  • Arrival and departure
    • Please arrive on time for your child's appointment.  Doing so will help us keep appointments flowing, give us time do do our COVID-19 screening, orient you to our online forms and portal, update your and your child's informaton.
    • New insurance, need to verify insurance?  We have a Patient Finance team who reviews these prior to appointments to minimize your wait, delays that can snowball into other children's appointment times.  Please get us the insurance information before the appointment date to help us help you.
    • Call us when you arrive.  We will check to see if our space is ready for you and let you know to come in or please wait a little bit until it is.
    • Everyone will come in using one of our two front doors.  We will tell you which one when you call in. 
    • Everyone aged 2 and up who can wear a mask, must wear a mask throughout the visit except for patients when they have a procedure done.  All should use hand sanitizer when you come in.
    • When your child's appointment is over...
      • we bring check-out to you.
      • The next appointments are scheduled in the rooms, payments taken, documents given.
      • When you leave, you will exit the rear of our building with hand sanitizer again offered.  It's a one way street!
  • Efficient appointments are our goal!
    • We ask that everyone who can, sign up for our new patient portal.  This syncs with your child's chart allowing you to update forms, enter dental and medical information before you come in.  No paper forms anymore!
    • You and your child will have a pleasant, thorough appointment where your concerns are answered - use of technology, online information helps us get you what you need.  It can be hard to remember everything so we hope you like having resources to share.

- Systems are in place to support physical distancing and enhanced infection control procedures.
- Our private rooms and two waiting rooms will be used to minimize contact with others.
- You will see team members continually disinfecting surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant.
- All toys have been disinfected and if your child has their own special toy, please bring it along.

We monitor the CDC, ADA, AAPD, NCDS and government information regarding COVID-19. This is why we are managing our services differently as guidelines change.

Be safe, be well.

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