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* Healthcare settings have additional protections in place per CDC guidelines.  These are different than those for you when you are not in a healthcare setting. *

We are here working to take care of children's dental needs,  Our team continues to mask when working with you and your child in our operatories.  We have private rooms and extra HEPA filtration in place. Alternate arrangements available.

Question, concern?   Call!

We care about our community and will do our part to minimize the likelihood of transmission and help our community as best as we can. Our procedures will change based on transmission levels in Johnston County as well as surrounding areas. Please note these may change last minute as information comes in.

This is what you will experience:

  • Masks are requested but now optional for parents, children and their care team.  We have them available at check-in should you wish to use one. 
  • Our clinical team wears masks when working with patients, their care team since they do their work in our private rooms for an extended period of time, with those who are not wearing masks.
  • We will accommodate requests for alternate entry, exiting to help minimize contact with others if you request it.  Call before you come in to make arrangements. Additionally, you may ask any one of our team to put on a mask at any point in your time with us.  We will respectfully comply. 
  • Accidents, unintended potential exposures *may* occur so if you, your child is at high risk for COVID-19 complications, let us know so we can work with you.
  • Safety first
    • If you or someone in your family has respiratory or GI symptoms, or been exposed to someone who does, please reschedule the appointment.
    • Bring only the child who has the appointment.  Siblings without appointments are asked to stay home.
    • To minimize exposures to patients and our team, we reduce the number of people and the length of time in the appointment. Many of the children we see - and the grownups that come with them - have health complications like leukemia or COPD, may not have immunizations or a strong immune system. 
  • Different procedures, situations carry different risks.  This is why one thing may be ok in one instance but not others.  Sealants, restorative procedures, some hygiene procedures produce aerosols (greater risk!), for example.
  • Finances: You will see a code and charge for PPE and enhanced infection control on your bill.  Depending on your insurance, the cost may be passed on to you. Prices continue to go up and we have much to do as we make your child's dental visit as safe as we can for all.
  • Arrival and departure
    • Please arrive on time for your child's appointment.  Doing so will help us keep appointments flowing, orient you to our online forms and portal, update your and your child's information.
    • New insurance, need to verify insurance?  Verifying eligibilities, benefits, determining copays and estimates can take upwards of 30 minutes.  If there is one thing you can do to speed things along, it is getting us the information well ahead of your appointment time. These delays often snowball into other appointment times.

Concerns? Questions? Please call so we can work on it together.

We monitor the CDC, ADA, AAPD, NCDS and government information regarding COVID-19, other illnesses. We manage our services as guidelines change.

Be safe, be well.

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